Alappuzha, Venice of the East, was backward in offering quality professional education to the aspiring students due to various reasons including its dissuading geography. Though the region do have plenty of institutions offering education up to plus two, options for attaining professional heights through quality education were very limited. Therefore, the visionary patrons and management trustees of this institution, who are committed to the society, have taken firm steps in establishing an engineering college to address this lacuna. These visionaries with their immense philanthropic as well as entrepreneurial experience could establish MAHAGURU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (formerly SVNCE) in year 2009.

The college envisions world class standards in imparting engineering education for the benefit of the aspiring students. It aims in promoting professional and quality education with the specific objective of offering cutting edge courses in engineering.

Since its inception, MIT (formerly SVNCE ) is a model and a benchmark institution with many credits in its nest. It is managed by an array of experienced academicians, professionals, administrators and staff. The campus is beautiful, tugged into serene locality of Kattachira, which is just nine kms away from Kayamkulam, the erstwhile Onattukara region, the rice bowl of Central Travancore.


One of the ideals of Sree Narayana Guru, proclaimed as "elevate by knowledge" is the source of illumination and power that transforms and ennobles the individuals by envisaging education as the chief means of human progress. According to Guru, education should address the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, aspirations and hopes of the members of the society. Mission and Vision formulated by Sree Gurudeva Charitable and Educational Trust for Mahaguru Institute of Technology aims at the progressive and harmonious development of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual powers and faculties of the students.

Being an ideal platform to know how technologies, opportunities and best practices, MIT (formerly SVNCE ) aspires to provide engineering education of an international standard of excellence to the students. MIT envisages a next generation institution, governed on modern lines with a system, consisting of board of directors, advisors, faculty, staff, student committees, advisory councils, etc. The decisions and advices are governed by the charter of the Trust, by laws, etc.


"Emerge as a world class technical and research institution dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and development."


"Impart quality technical education to mould responsible and intellectually thriving engineers who will contribute substantially to the society and the world."