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Dr. V Suresh Kumar

Dr. V. Suresh Kumaar is a highly accomplished individual with a strong educational background and extensive experience in both academia and the software industry. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Science and Engineering, followed by a Master of Technology (M.Tech) in the same field. He further pursued his academic interests and successfully obtained his Ph.D. from MS University, an esteemed institution governed by the Government of Tamil Nadu. A career spanning over 23 years, He has primarily focused on the field of computer science and engineering. He has spent seven years serving as a principal, demonstrating his leadership and administrative capabilities. Additionally, he has six years of experience working in the software industry as a programmer and network engineer, which has provided him with practical insights into the field.

He has eight publications, including those indexed in renowned databases such as SCI (Science Citation Index) and Scopus. Moreover, his expertise extends beyond publications, as he holds an Indian patent, showcasing his innovative thinking and contributions to the technological landscape.

He serves as an approved guide under KTU (Kerala Technological University), where he mentors and supports research scholars in their academic pursuits.