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Institution-Industry cell (IIC)

The goal of Institution-Industry cell (IIC) is to achieve a synergy between industry expectations (practice) and academic offerings (theory) by directly/indirectly involving in related activities. The primary focus of IIC is to interact with elite industries across the country and establish partnership them. This cell identifies the industrial expectation and promotes institutional preparation for meeting industrial needs by facilitating sponsored R&D projects, seminars, workshops and various other industrial training programmes. The industry stands to gain from the availability of an employable manpower pool and increased productivity; faculty stand to gain from exposure to the most recent industry practices for more effective teaching and learning processes, etc.; students stand to gain from the availability of up-to-date curricula, sources of revenue generation from consultancy and R& D, sources of manpower for employment, societal relevance, and most importantly the acquisition of brand name/equity.

Name of the Committee Member Designation Mobile Number e-mail address
1. Dr. V Suresh Kumar Principal 9995449854 principal@mahagurutech.ac.in
2. Dr. Arun Elias Dean 9443595337 deanacademics@mahagurutech.ac.in
3. Ms.Suma S G HOD CSE 9447972495 hodcse@mahagurutech.ac.in
4. Dr. Manikanda Prabu HOD ME 9751907648 hodme@mahagurutech.ac.in
5. Ms. Priya Grace Itti Eipe HOD CE 9605468862 hodce@mahagurutech.ac.in
6. Mr.Prajeesh R HOD ECE 9447305765 hodece@mahagurutech.ac.in
7. Mr. Sarath. S HOD EEE 9496464829 hodeee@mahagurutech.ac.in
8. Ms.Sony Sethukumar AP, ECE 9495121723 sonyse@mahagurutech.ac.in
9. Mr.Ajay V AP,CE 9544052848 ajayv@mahagurutech.ac.in
10. Mr. Anand K A AP,ME 9742938320 anand.ka@mahagurutech.ac.in
11. Ms. Namitha T N AP,CSE 9497676827 namitha@mahagurutech.ac.in